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The Endocrine Network

Below is a link to an internet-based list hosted on a Google Docs Cloud account by an individual pathologist acting in a private capacity who is also a member of this society. It is open to any UK Endocrine Specialist Pathologist who is able and willing to undertake specialist endocrine histopathology case referrals and it is not restricted to UKEPS members. This list is not a UK Endocrine Pathology Society service. Please see also the legal disclaimer below.

External supraregional external referrals are valuable. They aim to support colleagues working in cancer networks where access to specialist endocrine pathology opinions may be less than ideal but without aiming to undermine local or regional endocrine multidisciplinary team (MDT) specialist pathologist colleagues. They are also useful for very diagnostically challenging cases, or for cases where there is lack of professional consensus, or for emerging diagnostic entities which cannot be diagnostically resolved at local or regional MDT’s including cases that may perhaps need referral overseas. Cases should go through local network review pathways first before extraregional referrals are made. Pathologists on this list may be able to assist with referrals, but should always be contacted in advance of making any given referral to confirm their availability and willingness to undertake a given referral and also to confirm the likely timescales before initiating an external supraregional case referral. This is a link to a list of pathologists who are willing to undertake endocrine pathology external referral cases.

Login in to your own Google/gmail account and change your entry using Google Docs. If you do not have a Google account you can set one up in just a few minutes. You can amend your own entry if your circumstances change and you are unable to accept referrals due to leave or lack of availability for other reasons. This spreadsheet is publicly accessible.

Legal Disclaimer: This list is not a UK Endocrine Pathology Society service. This list is hosted on another server which does not belong to The UK Endocrine Pathology Society. It is moderated by a single pathologist acting in a personal capacity although it can be accessed via this website. The UK Endocrine Pathology Society and its officers assume NO legal responsibility for maintaining this list or for its accuracy or for its fitness for purpose. Individual pathologists who use this list must assume full individual responsibility for the accuracy of their own individual entries, for keeping their own entries up to date by amending or changing their entries in a timely fashion via Google Docs using a Google account and for the conduct of the individual referrals. Referrals will be covered by NHS indemnity if the receiving consultant(s) are acting in an NHS employed capacity or by an individually held policy of insurance or membership of a recognised medical indemnity organisation (eg Medical Defence Union or Medical Protection Society with appropriate level of insurance cover) if the consultant receiving the referral is acting in a private practitioner medical capacity. Similarly, the UKEPS and its officers take no responsibility for the checking of or for maintaining the professional or specialist status of the consultants on this list, for UK General Medical Council (GMC) registration or their professional fitness to practice which is the responsibility of individual practitioners themselves, their host NHS trust, or employing organisation and their GMC accountable responsible officer.

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