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UK Endocrine Pathology Society

Welcome to the website of the UK Endocrine Pathology Society (the UKEPS). The scope of the UKEPS includes all endocrine histopathology apart from the pituitary gland

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UKEPS' role and functions are:

  • networking for endocrine pathologists    

  • a discussion forum for areas of diagnostic difficulty    

  • to nominate individuals for pathology assessments for clinical trials & for national organisations    

  • to provide expertise & advice on endocrine pathology within the UK    

  • to organise twice yearly educational slide circulations (not a formal EQA scheme)

  • to organise relevant continuous professional development (CPD) & offer networking opportunities for interested endocrine pathologists


Would you like to join the UKEPS?

If you would like to join the UK Endocrine Pathology Society, please click the link below!

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