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Virtual Pathology Slide Atlas


Thyroid Miscellaneous


Case 1 Female late 40’s, thyroid lobectomy. Worrisome histologic alterations following fine-needle aspiration of the thyroid (WHAFFT) with haemorrhage and pseudopapillary hyperplasia. There are a range of differential diagnoses to this case including follicular adenoma or the clear cell change indicating a primary thyroid follicular carcinoma or metastatic renal cell carcinoma 



LiVolsi VA, Merino MJ. Worrisome histologic alterations following fine-needle aspiration of the thyroid (WHAFFT). Pathol Annu 1994;29:99-120


Case 2 Female, late 30’s. High right sided neck lump increasing in size nowhere near the thyroid, all tissue removed at surgery, ? lymph node with tumour.  

Ectopic thyroid tissue/parasitic sequestered nodule is the diagnosis in this case although the differential diagnosis is lateral aberrant thyroid. Although this lesion appears follicular and there are no features of papillary carcinoma there is always the remote possibility that this could be a ‘lateral aberrant thyroid’ and that this latter diagnosis could not be totally excluded. 


Case 3 Female, late 30’s, right hemithyroidectomy. A G ranular cell tumour of the thyroid, see also higher power views  and here, reported in the literature in isolated cases, and confirmed as S100+ve, TTF1-ve, AE1/AE3 –ve & MNF116 –ve (immunohistochemistry stains are not shown).